Freeray S.r.l.

Recently created company founded in 2010, Freeray S.r.l. is on market with the aim of offering next-generation special equipments, to solve specific problems in industrial plants. Due to the founders' twenty-years industrial experience, Freeray S.r.l. carries on the planning activity on its own and through collaborations established with selected mechanical constructions firms. The working steps can be summarized in construction, assembly and marketing of industrial machinery and electronic and electro-pneumatic machines to be used as single units or incorporated in industrial plants, in particular for food and feed industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Freeray S.r.l. works on the construction, the assembly and the marketing of IT systems related to the correct functioning of each of its own equipment. The high quality service is guaranteed by the laboratory of experimentation and the testing assembly plant that enable Freeray S.r.l to provide its customers with direct interventions at their own plant or through the most modern techniques of remote assistance.